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02.07.2020 - Umfrage für Mediziner

Wie sieht das Gesundheitswesen der Zukunft aus?

NOBEL-Projekt: Nehmen Sie an einer englischsprachigen Umfrage teil!

Dear colleagues,

As part of the NOBEL project was developed the “Continuum for Integrated Care”, a concept integrating a holistic approach of preventive and personalized patient care, describing the current evolution of healthcare systems and the influence of emerging health technologies in this global change.


We are now in the process of enriching this strategic vision through the direct contribution of all stakeholder groups in healthcare, starting with cliniciansYour insights on the social impact of health technologies on the healthcare system, medical providers and medical care are of highest interest for us and will help to better inform decision makers at national, European and international Levels.


We are kindly inviting you to answer our online questionnaire to collect your feedbacks regarding three different scenarios describing how the potential of smart HealthTech could impact the Continuum of Integrated Care: 

  • pre-acute care
  • acute care

  • rehabilitation and Homecare.

Link for Survey:

Kind regards,

The NOBEL Project Team