09.09.2021 - Book publication: "Ethics in Nanotechnology“

Co-authors: Dr. Kathleen Spring and Dr. Klaus-Michael Weltring

Ethical and social aspects arising from nanomedicine in healthcare...

... are described by the two co-authors, Dr. Kathleen Spring and Dr. Klaus-Michael Weltring, in a chapter of the recently published work "Ethics in Nanotechnology".

Abstract of chapter content:

Nanotechnology in medicine has significantly changed the way diseases are diagnosed and treated. Nanotechnology-based solutions can predict genetic disorders at an early stage and personalise the treatment of diseases based on a better understanding at the molecular level. With the help of nano-designed and functionalised materials, drugs can be transported in a targeted manner and the miniaturisation and biocompatibility of sensors in or on the body can be improved.

In particular, new technologies such as nanotechnology are driving the paradigm shift from acute to predictive, personalised and participatory precision medicine, raising ethical, legal and social questions for individuals, society and the healthcare system. In the future continuum of integrated healthcare, the doctor-patient relationship and the way doctors work will change. Certain aspects in healthcare, such as the right to self-determination, social equality, but also aspects such as data protection, need to be discussed in an all-encompassing way with all stakeholders in healthcare to enable more personalised treatment of patients.

About the book: 

Ethics in Nanotechnology is a valuable resource for academics, scientists and philosophers, as well as all other professionals and researchers who routinely deal with emerging social and philosophical ethical issues. It is especially intended for those who wish to engage deeply with the challenges of nanotechnology and ethics in philosophical and social education. This book provides an overview of new and emerging nanotechnologies and their social and ethical implications. It is aimed at students, academics, scientists, engineers, policy makers, ethicists, philosophers and all those involved in the development and use of nanotechnology. 

"Ethics in Nanotechnology" is published by De Gruyter Verlag and was released on 07/09/2021. 

It is available under ISBN: 978 3110 701 814 (hardcover) and under ISBN: 978 3110 701 883 (eBook).