EU-NCL (2015-2019)

In order to accelerate the development of the nanomedicine business in Europe, EU-NCL interconnected eight European and one American key reference facilities with a proven expertise in physical, chemical, in vitro and in vivo biological characterisation of nanoparticles for medical applications. The objective was to reach a level of international excellence in nanomedicine characterization for all medical indication, and make it accessible to all organisations developing candidate nanomedicines prior to their submission to the regulatory agencies in order to get the approval for clinical trials and later the marketing authorization. 

EU-NCL was partnered with the sole international reference facility namely the Nanotechnology Characterisation Lab of the USA to get a faster international harmonization of analytical protocols. EU-NCL was closely connected to national medicine agencies and to the European Medicine Agency in order to permanently adapt its analytical services to the need and requests of the regulators. EU-NCL was designed, organized and operated according to the highest EU regulatory and quality standards in order to provide a full analytical cascade of 42 assays.

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