ENATRANS (2015-2017)

ENATRANS’ main objective was to network and support SMEs in translation of nanomedicine in Europe by providing a one-stop-shop service to interact and share information, experience and advice with up-to-date information and interactive tools, but also enabling personal contacts. ENATRANS gathered and provided information about approval processes, regulatory authorities and agencies, clinical and market data, and specific nanomedicine value chain analysis, relevant SME support projects and organisations. ENATRANS converted this critical information in dedicated learning programs and tools dedicated to translation of nanomedicine. 

ENATRANS implemented the concept of a Translation Advisory Board (TAB) as central element of the ETPN White Paper. A TAB was set-up with senior experienced translation experts to guide R&D teams (in SMEs and research institutes) along the translation process to successfully make it to clinical trials and later to the market.

Promising projects identified and supported by the TAB need access to clinical centers for first studies in patients, which are able to handle the specificity of new nanotechnology-based therapeutics. In addition, financial resources are needed to go pass the regulatory and scale-up processes, which often require funding from investors and/or large companies. ENATRANS built bridges to clinical trial centers, investors and large companies.

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